CBD Oil for Pets | Anxiety, Pain, Seizures, Tumor | 3000mg - 30 ml

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Give your furry friends the peace they deserve with Polyherbs CBD Oil for Pets Anxiety. Specially formulated to address anxiety and promote calmness in pets, this CBD oil offers 3000mg of potent CBD to support your pet's well-being. Available at Hempkart, a trusted provider of premium CBD products, Polyherbs CBD Oil for Pets Anxiety is your natural choice to help your pets find serenity amidst life's stressors.

Key Features:

Pet-Friendly CBD: Polyherbs CBD Oil for Pets is thoughtfully crafted with your pets in mind. It provides a gentle and safe way to introduce the potential benefits of CBD to your furry companions.

3000mg High Potency: Each bottle of Polyherbs CBD Oil contains a substantial 3000mg of CBD, making it a powerful option for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation in your pets.

Anxiety Relief: The natural properties of CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress in pets, especially during situations like separation, thunderstorms, or trips to the veterinarian.

Natural and Safe: Sourced from premium hemp plants, Polyherbs CBD Oil is free from harmful chemicals and additives. You can trust its purity and quality for the well-being of your pets.

Easy-to-Administer: The oil comes with a convenient dropper for easy administration. Simply add the appropriate dosage to your pet's food or treats, or apply it directly under their tongue, depending on their preference.

Third-Party Lab Tested: Hempkart ensures the authenticity and safety through rigorous third-party lab testing. These tests verify its potency, purity, and adherence to quality standards, ensuring your pet receives the best.

Prioritize your pet's comfort and happiness with Polyherbs CBD Oil for Pets Anxiety - 3000mg. Whether your pet faces occasional anxiety or requires continuous support, this CBD oil provides a natural and effective solution. Enhance your pet's quality of life and help them embrace serenity with the calming benefits of CBD.

Introducing PolyHerbs CBD Oil for Pets - Explore the Natural Wellness for Your Furry Friends!

Give your beloved pets the gift of vitality and well-being with PolyHerbs CBD Oil. Specially formulated with care and precision, this exceptional product is designed to provide optimal support to your furry companions, helping them lead healthier and happier lives.

Harnessing the power of nature, this CBD Oil is derived from premium-quality hemp plants cultivated under strict organic practices. Packed with a rich spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, this product is carefully extracted to ensure purity and potency, guaranteeing that your pet receives only the best.

The commitment to quality is unwavering. Every batch of PolyHerbs CBD Oil undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure the absence of harmful additives, toxins, and heavy metals. You can rest assured that you are providing your pets with a premium product they truly deserve.

Whether your furry friend is experiencing joint discomfort, separation anxiety, or simply needs an immune system boost, PolyHerbs CBD Oil is here to provide gentle and effective relief. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help soothe aching joints, while its calming effect aids in stress reduction, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquility.


PolyHerbs CBD Oil for Pets offers a wide range of benefits to support your furry friend's overall well-being. Here are the detailed advantages of using this product:

Promotes Calmness and Anxiety Relief: CBD oil has been shown to have calming effects on pets, making it ideal for reducing anxiety and stress-related behaviors. Whether your pet experiences separation anxiety, noise phobias, or general nervousness, PolyHerbs CBD Oil can help soothe their nerves and create a sense of relaxation.

Supports Joint Health and Mobility: Aging pets or those with joint discomfort can benefit greatly from CBD oil's natural anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use of PolyHerbs CBD Oil can help reduce inflammation, alleviate joint pain, and improve mobility, enabling your pet to move more comfortably and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Enhances Overall Wellness: CBD oil acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect your pet's cells from damage caused by free radicals. By supporting a healthy immune system, it aids in preventing illness and promoting overall wellness, making sure your furry friend stays active, energetic, and in optimal health.

Supports Digestive Health: If your pet suffers from digestive issues such as appetite loss, nausea, or irritable bowel syndrome, CBD oil can provide relief. It helps regulate the digestive system by reducing inflammation, promoting healthy gut function, and stimulating appetite, ensuring your pet maintains a healthy appetite and proper nutrient absorption.

Provides Relief from Discomfort: Whether your pet experiences chronic pain, discomfort due to injury, or postoperative soreness, CBD oil can help manage their discomfort effectively. Its analgesic properties can help alleviate pain signals, allowing your pet to feel more comfortable and experience a better quality of life.

Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat: CBD oil contains essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, which are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and promoting a lustrous coat. By nourishing the skin and supporting hair follicle health, PolyHerbs CBD Oil helps combat dryness, itching, and irritation, leaving your pet with a shiny, vibrant coat.

Supports Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function: CBD oil has been found to promote brain health and cognitive function in pets. It can enhance mental clarity, improve focus, and support memory, helping your pet stay alert, engaged, and mentally sharp throughout their life stages.

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Country of OriginIndia
HSN CODE30049011
Best Before2 Years from Date of Manufacturing
Potency (mg)3000
Potency (Type)Full Spectrum
98% of 100
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Using PolyHerbs CBD Oil for Pets is simple and convenient. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to administer it to your furry friend:

  • Determine the Correct Dosage: Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate dosage of CBD oil for your pet based on their weight, size, and specific needs. It's important to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it as needed.
  • Shake Well: Before each use, shake the bottle of PolyHerbs CBD Oil well to ensure that the natural compounds are properly mixed.
  • Choose Administration Method: There are two common ways to administer CBD oil to pets: orally or by adding it to their food.


  1. Oral Administration: Using the dropper provided, simply place the recommended dosage of CBD oil directly into your pet's mouth. Lift their lip and gently squeeze the dropper to release the oil onto their gums or under their tongue. This allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream.


  1. Mixing with Food: Alternatively, you can add the recommended dosage of CBD oil to your pet's food or treats. Drizzle the oil over their meal and mix it thoroughly to ensure even distribution. This method is ideal for pets who may resist taking the oil directly or for those who have a strong preference for certain foods.


  • Observe and Monitor: After administering the CBD oil, observe your pet's response and monitor their behavior and overall well-being. It may take some time for the effects of CBD to become noticeable, so consistency is key. If necessary, adjust the dosage as advised by your veterinarian.

By following these simple steps, you can easily incorporate PolyHerbs CBD Oil into your pet's daily routine, supporting their well-being and promoting a healthier and happier life.

Safety and Precautions:

When using PolyHerbs CBD Oil for Pets, it's important to keep certain safety precautions in mind. Here are some guidelines to ensure the safe and responsible use of the product:

  • Consult with Your Veterinarian
  • Follow Recommended Dosage
  • Quality and Third-Party Testing
  • Storage and Accessibility
  • Not a Replacement for Veterinary Care 

By following these safety precautions and using PolyHerbs CBD Oil responsibly, you can provide your pet with the potential benefits of CBD while ensuring their well-being and safety.